Bible Study Library

Over 1000 Bibles, References, Study Materials, Commentaries, Maps, Children Books and Much More

A Robust Body of Resources Awaits

The Bible Study Library is a remarkable collection of Biblical reference material. It is the culmination of centuries of scholarly research. The work of compiling and digitizing this material was by itself over a 15 year undertaking by biblical scholars.

Whether you are searching for an individual Christian resource, or are interested in a more comprehensive, fully searchable and printable archive, the Bible Study Library offers thousands of resources available to all interested parties, free of obligation or cost.


The Bible Study Library package was collected and packaged with the intention of providing resources to those who are seeking to understand God’s plan for mankind.

  • Free of charge – Like most libraries, all resources within the Bible Study Library are offered free of charge
  • Browse and explore – Many of the resources within the library are categorized by type, and offered individually as well as part of the full download

  • Full Library Advantages – The full downloadable version of the complete Library is fully indexed and searchable. Take notes, set bookmarks, find links to other scriptures and references while you study


The Bible Study Library has been compiled, digitized and offered for download as a service to all those seeking to better understand God’s plan for mankind.

Any pursuit of knowledge requires effort. Any well-rounded student requires a collection of resources in order to achieve understanding. The study of God’s word and plan for mankind is no different. However, unlike any other study, the study of God’s word brings with it peace, harmony and blessings to all who diligently seek it

The Bible Study Library, and the resources within, are offered to all who wish them without fear of tracking, commitment, or charge. It is our hope and prayer that the Library’s resources will help each one seeking to better understand God’s plan.