“... I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee." Hebrews 2:12

The Bible Study Library hosts an extensive archive of Christian magazines for browsing, searching and downloading. Here you will find many rich and in-depth articles spanning decades of study into the scriptures and God’s plan for mankind. Each of these materials may be downloaded individually from the online library, or as part of the Library’s full archive download.

The Herald of Christ’s Kingdom has been published by the Pastoral Bible Institute since 1918. Since that time, each issue has featured many topics of significant interest to those seeking to understand the Bible and God’s plan for mankind. The Herald’s own website contains an extensive archive of previous issues and the ability to sort through these issues by many different criteria. The Library also makes many of these previous issues available for download. The full downloadable version of the Library fully indexes these issued for fast searching.

Beauties of the Truth – “A Forum for the Publication of Scriptural Viewpoints Thought to be Harmonious with God’s Plan of the Ages”. The Library hosts an archive that span two decades of this publication, each issue of which will provide hours of thought-provoking study and contemplation on a timeless variety of subjects of interest to the thinking Christian. Each issue in the Library’s archive is available for download individually, or as part of the comprehensive, fully searchable complete Library download.

The Library hosts a rich archive of various other Christian magazines, including past publications from the Chicago Bible Students, the New Brunswick Bible Students, the People’s Paper and the End Times. Browse through the titles in the Library’s download section. Each issue is available for individual download, or available as part of the fully indexed and searchable full package download.

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